Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Projects

Here's a few things I've been working on for Christmas presents. First, a wrist pincushion using an offset square that I found a sewing tutorial for on Planet June's blog. (She gave excellent instructions!) This is for one of my co-workers who does a lot of sewing for Missouri Town. It was an extremely easy and quick project, and I really like the unique shape.

Next, a pillow for our annual Weavers Guild gift exchange. This year the theme was rectangles. I'd seen a pillow in a department store last year that was decorated with strips of different ribbons, and of course I thought, I could do that! The gift exchange can be anything sewn, woven, felted, etc., and I chose the easy route this year. If you're going to weave something, it's much better to have extra from an earlier project, since last-minute weaving doesn't really work.

Also, these baby oxen are a present for my other friend from Missouri Town (the ox-driver). I'm using the lamb pattern I made last summer and will eventually give them needle-felted horns and spots. I'll be sure to post a finished picture.
Of course, I have at least 4 other projects going that need to be finished in the next two weeks, so hopefully they will get done in time!
Do you have any great handmade Christmas presents that you've either given or recieved?


Commander Kip said...

I do... but I'm not tellin', because you're getting one. XD

Anonymous said...

These are all really nice gifts. I usually get too stressed out before Christmas to make things. So I end up going to the mall and getting even more stressed out. I've never figured out this Christmas thing. I love Jesus. Christmas not so much.

Christy said...

I agree, anonymous, it would be nice if we weren't so easily distracted from Christ.

Anonymous said...

It seems there is so much about its unfolding that I end up finding beautiful, despite the imperfections and in spite of everything not quite right about it. There must be a lesson in there somewhere. Merry Christmas!!!