Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Cards

Wow, it's been too long! Sorry about the lack of posts lately. The only thing I've been working on is printing Christmas cards. I usually carve a lino-block and use it to print my cards every year. It's so easy and rewarding, and fun to come up with a new design. I also like the not-so-perfect look of the prints, it gives it an old fashioned effect.

As far as lino-blocks go, I definitely recommend the sturdier, thin gray material over the "easy-cut" thicker, usually tan material. The easy cut is thicker and definitely cuts easier, but is extremely easy to break in half when you're handling it during printing.

For some reason I usually go with blue for Christmas, but this year I picked green because that's what I had the most paint of. I like the way they turned out. The only thing I would change is that I forgot to reverse the bird! I meant it to be printed facing left, but forgot about the reverse effect. Oh well.


Grace =) said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Christy. I'm enjoying the class so much that I switched my major to ceramics. I'm so excited to be studying something I love. I'm glad I decided to switch.

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. There is truly so much to be thankful for!

God bless you and yours. :)

jesnicole said...

You're so creative!!! I loved looking at all the pictures on your blog!! :) Hope you're doing well!