Monday, October 26, 2009


It's time for some awesome book recommendations. I've been finding several amazing books lately that are just too inspiring not to share.

Weekend Sewing: More than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching, by Heather Ross
I usually get my craft books from the library first, to make sure I want to splurge on buying them. This one is definitely worth paying for. There are so many great ideas for projects in here and they range from beginner to advanced. The amazing thing is, even the beginner projects caught my interest. There are just too many cool ideas to pass this one up. I even liked her suggestions for setting up a sewing space, which I finally have room for now!

Woven Treasures: One of a Kind Bags with Folk Weaving Techniques, by Sara Lamb

If you are interested in weaving, this is the book for you! She has some amazing projects to try all different types of weaving. There are two reasons the projects in this book are so great: 1) They are all bags, so they're useful, giftable, and straightforward to make. 2) Every project is done on the same loom: a rigid heddle loom. This is the perfect starter loom, very inexpensive and easy to use but with a wide variety of potential projects. I can't wait to try some of these bags!

Carefree Clothes for Girls, by Junko Okawa
Okay, so I haven't actually seen the inside of this one (or the next one) yet. But they just came out in English, and what I have seen of this one looks so fun to make! I'm expecting my first girl and I just can't wait to make her some dresses.

Felting for Baby, by Saori Yamazaki
How cool is this? I just love felting, and what better way to satisfy the urge to felt than a nice small project for baby! I'm sure the gifting possibilities are endless with these projects too.

Happy reading!


jenny gordy said...

christy! thanks so much for your incredibly sweet comment on my blog. i was thinking about you the other day and how i need to e-mail you and find out what you're up to. the stuff you've been making looks wonderful! hope you're well. : )

Mortadella said...

Congratulations on the baby! How exciting! Thanks for reviewing these books too. I'd been wondering about the Heather Ross one.

Grace =) said...

Oh my goodness! Congrats on your baby! How incredibly exciting! :)
I'm so happy for you.

Ellen said...

So exciting getting to sew for your new baby girl! Looking forward to seeing some of the dresses :)

I've got the Heather Ross book on permanent loan from my library. It is a really good book, great photos too, really inspiring.

Christy are you on Ravelry? Are you knitting for the baby too?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and God bless you all!