Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gallery Highlights

The gallery had mostly things that couldn't be in the fashion show. This vest was an extremely fine weave with subtle texture. Very exquisite fabric.

This was a reversible patterned scarf. I've never seen a pattern like it before.

Someone upholstered this bench with hand woven fabric! The craftsmanship is inspiring, it reminds me of the arts and crafts era. They won a prize for it!

Close up of the bench fabric. It's called pique (pee-kay). I found out it's very hard to weave.

A tapestry made completely of sewing thread. I can't even imagine how long this took.


Mortadella said...

Oh, these are so inspiring, and so much fun to look at. Thanks for posting!

Ellen said...

Oh wow, the fabrics are lovely. I love the one on the bench seat. Such a treat to get to go see this stuff and learn from these talented people!