Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Gift

My friend is having her baby in the next few weeks and I thought this lamb was so adorable, I just had to make it. The pattern is from an old issue of Martha Stewart Living.

The baby's name is Lydia, and in the Bible Lydia is a dyer of purple, so I made it in purple herringbone wool. I'm not sure if I like the ears embroidered, but it's kind of too late to take it back out, oh well.

The pattern is very easy and quick. The only downside is working with such a small size and lots of curves. But I've never made a stuffed animal before, and it was pretty straightforward.

I thought it looked so nice next to my blueberries!


Anonymous said...

It's very cute; I'm sure it will be loved. I still remember the color and texture and pattern of the fabric in handmade toys I had as a child. But I can't remember very many store-bought toys!

Christy said...

I enjoyed making it so much, I told myself I didn't care if it was loved or not! (But I hope it is.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a good way to be! Your blog is so refreshing.

Ellen said...

The Lamb is really cute :) I love the fabric too.