Monday, May 3, 2010

Bird Mobile

This is one of the few hand-made things that I thought would be worthwhile for a baby. The birds were amazingly easy and quick. The branch is cut and hung easily too--this one is from our crabapple tree. I really like the organic shapes of the branch and birds together, whether a baby knows what they are or not it's nice for me to look at!

The pattern is from Spool and there is a huge flickr pool of ideas.

It was really fun going to my favorite fabric store (Sarah's in Lawrence, KS) and picking out all the different colors. I bought fat quarters of every color and only used about 1/6 of each piece, so I'm trying to decide on another project to use them with.

This bird is one I made for a friend who just had her baby. The two-color combinations are endless.

Here's a picture I took of what the baby sees lying in the crib. And to my delight, I actually caught her looking and cooing at them the other morning--yay, it works!
And if you don't know any babies to make them for, I thought they'd look great on a Christmas tree or even as a wall decoration in the house. (I'll probably be making more of them at some point for one or both of these purposes.)
Do you know of any super-quick-and-easy projects like this? It seems like good ones are hard to find.


jenny gordy said...

this is awesome! congrats on your new baby. she is gorgeous. i'm so excited for you. and i love that you're teaching. i'm teaching some classes too, and i love it.

thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog!

Grace =) said...

Hi Christy! I love the mobile you made. So beautiful and classy too. :) The project was a self-portrait collage. I superimposed my face onto Sandro Botticelli's painting and then used a grid to draw it onto posterboard and then used magazine pieces to fill in the colors. It was a very time consuming project.
I can't wait to see more of the things you've made for your daughter. Her picture in that post about her is so precious! I'm sure you guys are enjoying her so very much!